Faces Etcetera Anti Aging Skin Care

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features sophisticated High-performance, professional skin care products
by companies whose products focus on the whole skin by facilitating
anti aging, rejuvenating and collagen within and
throughout the epidermal layers and the entire
skin system. The companies at Faces Etcetera: Hale and Hush, Dr Temt,
Dr Grandel and Halina Andre provide fine skin care products.
The products here at Faces Etcetera website contain the
best possible anti aging, rejuvenating, collagen strengthening and
peptide ingredients: Retinol A, Ethyl AscorbicAcid, Coenzyme Q10,
Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid are just a few of the finest
ingredients found here at Faces Etcetera. These ingredients are found
in products such as Hale and Hush (especially designed for sensitive skin that everyone can use)
Soothe Essence and Rare C serums which contain ethyl ascorbic acid.
Dr Temts coenzyme Q10 is a powerful renewing source utilized in their
Advanced Anti Aging line. Hyaluronic Acid is employed in Dr Grandel's Ampul,
Hale and Hush Vital Lipid Lotion and Hale and Hush Soothe Essence Serum which helps the
skin's defense mechanism, and activation. Dr Temts Retinolic Ampul and Dr Grandel's

Retinolic Ampul is great at smoothing out those wrinkles and lines
Peptides are utilized by Dr Temts Advances Anti Aging line. All these
fine ingredients are manufactured and blended with great care and precision - all of which
provide excellent skin care products that get results.
Halina Andreís Volcanic Mud Cleanser with volcanic mud,
is great for fighting impurities and free radicals,
Dr Grandelís Azulene Cream with azulene
is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
These are all just a few of the fine products at
Faces Etcetera Anti Aging Skin Care. We invite you to browse our
Faces Etcetera catalogue and if you have any questions feel free to contact
(click here for contact information).
Look forward to hearing from you


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